Attention Dentists: Reducing Liability Claims

In every industry, professionals face their own unique set of risks. When it comes to the dental field, dentists can control their risk with little resources and gain maximum benefits. Therefore, let us explore some effective strategies for minimizing Dentist Professional Liability and keeping your losses to a minimum.

Recognizing problem patients.

According to Dentistry IQ, early recognition of problem patients is important for risk management. Problem patients may exhibit traits that include lengthy care histories from many providers, courses of care dominated primarily by emergency visits, constant complaints about the past or current care, ongoing failure to pay for services, and consistent failures to adhere to advice and instructions. These traits are common in plaintiffs and litigious patients. Prudent practitioners who identify these traits early may discharge or not accept these patients. Document each visit and make detailed notes about complaints in order to have a paper trail.

Charting efficiently.

This is your first line of defense in a lawsuit. All of your staff should be well versed on filling out charts accurately and promptly is ideal in your potential defense. Ensure the notes are legible, in chronological order, and are detailed and consistent.

Create a point person to manage potential risks.

Early identification of problematic areas or trends that might result in claims can be beneficial, especially if corrections can be made before problems arise. Methods and procedures that identify and sort issues and spot trends must be instituted for prevention. The best way to identify problems is for a designated person to receive reports of problems, similar to the incident-reporting system at hospitals, says the article. If a patient is unclear about the risks of an operation, for example, the point person should be notified to go over the risks, the procedure, recovery, and answer any questions.

Make the necessary referrals.

While you might be a professional with years of expertise, sometimes patients need to seek the help of a specialist in order to diagnose and treat chronic illness. Failing to do so can land your business in hot water and lead to a potential claim down the road.

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