Crime & Vandalism Prevention in Your Small Business

Crime is an inherent part of operating any business. However, simply looking at statistics doesn’t mean business owners have to accept the losses as a result of fraud and other types of crime within their operation. Responding to crime is something that most business owners would rather not navigate, mostly because they don’t believe prosecuting someone will lead to anything worthwhile. In fact, a recent survey indicated that of the small business owners surveyed, 24 percent said they had not reported crimes against their businesses. When asked why, nearly 40 percent of that group said they weren’t confident that a prosecution would be successful, and 46 percent didn’t think anything positive would come of it. With this in mind, we’re going to provide a simple list of tactics you can implement to create a safer, more secure business. Next, protect your operation with an Indianapolis Crime Insurance policy.

Educate your staff.

The more engaged they are, the more productive the team is. Train your staff to recognize and prevent crime, what red flags to look for, and how to respond to them. Your employees are the backbone to your operation, so invest in their safety and comfort, as well.

Keep it clean.

Organization and cleanliness also deters crime. In fact, your business is less likely to be vandalized if your storefront is spotless. Moreover, it’s challenging for people to shoplift or steal money from an immaculate and uncluttered environment.

Establish relationships with local police.

By having a strong relationship with law enforcement officers, you project the image of a business that takes safety seriously. If a criminal comes by to stake out your territory, he (or she) might be deterred by the presence of the police – along with security cameras on a well-lit, gated property.

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