Tapping into a Growing Market: Selling to Millennials

In our last blog, we discussed some ideal tips for success for new real estate agents who are just starting out. As millennials are today’s largest demographic for home buyers at 32% nationally, we’re going to share some insight into how to market your business to attract them. Since 90% of millennials use real estate agents for their buying and selling needs, this information can ultimately help to establish and grow your business. Finally, in an industry where referrals and word of mouth are king, you’ll need to learn how to connect with this group and establish a positive working relationship with them.

Tailor your marketing.

Millennials grew up with technology and all sorts of gadgets, so if you’re trying to attract them via newspaper ads and flyers, your efforts will fall flat. Instead, gear your marketing strategy toward digital platforms. You can interact with prospective clients on social media, your website, email, and more. For example, share listings on social media sites, write your own blog posts, create interactive videos on YouTube, and send out consistent tweets on Twitter.

Appeal to millennials.

The AICDC selling method, created by Dale Carnegie Professional Sales Course several decades ago, applies to millennials and caters to their short attention spans. Here’s the premise of the strategy:

  • Attention – Steal the prospective buyer’s attention as quickly as possible.
  • Interest – Generate interest in yourself by asking the right questions and assuring them you have the solutions to their needs.
  • Conviction – Show your worth by offering listings for ideal homes, showing off your positive reviews, and other comparable homes in their desired area.
  • Desire – Show them homes that speak to what they want, focusing on beauty and videos of what could be theirs.
  • Close – A high percentage of sales professionals are hesitant to ask for the close from the customer. But if you don’t ask, then the client can’t give you a very favorable “Yes” response after showing their significant interest, desire, and conviction in the product or service that you’re offering, says Real Estate Express.

To successfully grow your business as a new real estate agent, remember to focus at least some of your real estate advertising efforts toward this powerful target market. Learn how and where to find millennial real estate prospects online. Then make an effort to connect with them in meaningful ways. Once you find the most qualified millennial prospects, you can start building long-lasting relationships that will hopefully lead to lots of new referrals down the road.

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