Open House Success: Advertising Online

The internet is a huge asset to real estate agents. Utilizing social media and your personal website can increase reach and notify potential visitors that your open house is coming up. As we discussed in our previous blog, one of the basic tips for success is advertising online. Therefore, in this post, we’re going to explore how you can leverage your open house, and your real estate business, with these simple tips. Next, protect your practice with an IN Real Estate Professional Liability insurance policy.

Create a blog.

Write a simple blog, a visually heavy one, and post it on your Facebook and your website. Potential clients can see what the house has the offer, the specs, the location, etc. to determine whether or not they’re interested. Be sure to answer all the major questions when writing this blog and include plenty of flattering photos.

Post videos and photos on social media.

Show off your listings regularly with videos and professional photos of the listings. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to showcase the home’s best features.

Send emails that include blogs and listing site locations.

For home buyer leads in your real estate CRM, your best bet to spark their interest in your listings and open houses is to email them the aforementioned blog post and/or single property site you created for the listing. Because the important first step is getting the email opened, make sure you announce the open house details right in the subject line with details they would find most interesting, suggests Placester.

Email buyer’s agents.

Building relationships with other agents is also beneficial for promoting your open house. Your listing might be exactly what someone is looking for, but without the information, they’d never know.

Send weekly emails that provide your open house schedule for the next week and the core information about the listing(s) in question: list price, square footage, days on market, and (when applicable) the willingness of your seller clients to bargain and make concessions to sell their residence, says the article.


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