Open House Tips: Enlisting the Help of Neighbors

In this final installment on how to host an effective open house, we’re going to explore how you can utilize your listing’s neighbors to your advantage. In addition, we’ll include a few extra tips for ensuring its success. We’ve already covered the basics of using technology to your advantage, so heed the following advice for low-tech savvy ways to promote your listing. Next, address your insurance needs with an IN Real Estate Professional Liability insurance policy.

Welcome the neighbors.

Neighbors are a great selling feature for the house. After all, they know all about the neighborhood, the local schools, conveniences, traffic, etc. So, why not invite them over to the open house? Most everyone has a nosy neighbor, might as well put them to good use.

According to The Erdal Team, they’re the people who want their friends or family members to move into the neighborhood, so you can bet that they’ll be helping you spread the word. Consider mailing out invitations or fliers to the open house and make sure to give your neighbors an incentive for helping you get leads.

You can also knock on their doors to invite them to your open house. Notify them of the time and ask if they’d like to drop by. Especially if they are personable and want to know their new neighbors, this can be an inviting feature for the visitors.

Make eye-catching signs.

It can be a challenge to assume people are reading your emails and are going to show up to the open house. Also, no one will show up to an open house if they don’t know it’s taking place. Therefore, invest in the proper signage.

Use open house signs strategically to draw traffic to your open house. Here’s how: Use multiple types of signs that are visible and legible from a distance (at least 30 feet), and place directional signs to advertise in a five-block radius to reach a wider audience, explains Fit Small Business.

Utilizing email and social media can work to your advantage as a real estate agent, but don’t undervalue the simple things, as well.

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