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Conceptualizing and bringing a project to life requires a lot of communication between the architect and the client. From building materials to price and scheduling, there is ample information that needs to be conveyed accurately and professionally. In our last blog, we talked about the best practices for architects to uphold to prevent litigation – the most important being effective communication skills. Read on to discover the do’s and don’ts of client communication within this sector and equip yourself with an IN Architect Professional Liability policy.


Because there are so many improper practices, we’re going to start out by listing the don’ts of client communication.

  • Avoid using heavy jargon in communication with clients.
  • Don’t rush clients into making all of the decisions at once.
  • Avoid scheduling important meetings around lunchtime.
  • Don’t lose patience with clients who ask seemingly “silly” questions. You’re the expert – not them.
  • Prevent bulldozing the client with your conclusions – allow them to give their thoughts.


Rather than land yourself and your firm in hot water, heed the following proper communication tips.

  • Do show respect.
  • Write down notes in meetings and share them with clients to stay on the same page.
  • A name is the most important thing for any human being. Pronouncing or writing your client’s name incorrectly, will cost you a lot more than you expect. Be sure to pronounce/write your client’s name correctly – EVERY TIME, says Manage Architecture.
  • Be prompt when addressing client concerns or questions.
  • Give professional feedback to clients.
  • Acknowledge client concerns and put them in writing.

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