Preventing Crime and Vandalism: Employee Education

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In our last blog, we provided some strategies to help mitigate crime and vandalism in your business. While not every scenario can be foreseen, employee education benefits both parties. The more they know, the more prepared your employees will be to identify and prevent future crimes. Next, protect your operation with an Indianapolis Crime Insurance policy.

It is not possible to run all aspects of a business and be aware of everything that occurs. Therefore, ask the people who DO know. Someone in management might have a good idea for preventing employee theft while a cashier has an idea for preventing shoplifting. Employees might be aware of weaknesses and strengths that aren’t apparent to other employees. Brainstorming will at least bring awareness to all employees and remind them that everyone is working on the same side. It might also discourage a dishonest employee from stealing from you if they realize you are aware and care about preventing theft, explains Mount Ephram Police Department.

Show your employees you take their recommendations seriously. The more advice you consider and create strategies tailored to those suggestions, the more they’ll feel their opinion is valued and want to participate in crime prevention.

Identifying shoplifting and calling the police is one thing, but knowing how to handle a potentially threatening situation is another. Train your employees how to identify criminal activity and how to handle suspicious behavior. If you run a small business and employees are sometimes left alone to manage the shop, it’s wise to share some safety strategies, as well.

Lastly, share with your employees your willingness to prosecute. Cooperate with law enforcement, invest in security cameras, and stick to your ground to demonstrate the fact you take vandalism and crime seriously.

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