3 New Emerging Cybersecurity Trends

Last year, cyber attacks reached their highest point yet. Experts predicted the perfect storm of lackadaisical business owners and the advancement of cyber threats to take a toll on business owners within the last 12 months, and they were correct. However, 2017 is the year of prevention. As new innovative solutions are being discovered, it’s time to take them seriously to protect your business against these inherent threats. In addition, secure your operation with an Indianapolis Cyber Liability Insurance policy for the peace of mind you deserve.

Personal autonomy.

As more and more people are wary of big name service providers being in charge of protecting personal information, the idea of personal autonomy is coming to light. Private cloud storage is one way to address the threat of data dependency. The technology, which has finally become user friendly for consumers, creates a private cloud on which to store personal data. The hard drive is connected to an in-home router and can be safely accessed from any approved device, explains Severin Marcombes, CEO and founder of Lima Technology.

Data privacy.

It’s all too common for customers to secure their credit card and personal information and preferences in an online account. While much of this information is used for data mining or creating tailored marketing ploys to the customer, this idea of storing data and personal information is becoming more disconcerting.

Therefore, network protections and user-disguise technology are on the rise, allowing consumers to limit their cyber fingerprints, explains Small Business Trends.

Information security.

An increased in personal cloud data protection and cyber security measures are being taken now more than ever. Technology is emerging that protects both personal and business information in order to meet the growing need. As to be expected, experts predict that privacy and data security will be a top priority for businesses and individuals this year.

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