Small Businesses and Cyber Security: 5 Lessons

The looming threat of cyber-attacks is a real concern for businesses of all types and sizes. With small businesses being targeted frequently, owners need to take proactive measures to protect operational, financial, and personal data from being stolen. This breach could have devastating effects on some small businesses, as they usually do not have the reserve funds to recover from such a serious attack. However, as larger corporations have invested ample time and money into cyber security, small businesses can learn a lot from their prevention strategies. As we explore how to protect your Indianapolis small business from cyber breaches, ensure you are protected with an IN Cyber Liability policy.

Start with a conversation.

The best way to protect your small business is to have an open conversation about the risks at hand. Think about the potential cyber breach avenues, including phones, emails, network breaches, and tablets. Start by acknowledging the ways you can experience a breach, then create awareness by implementing strong password and encryption processes.


Going hand in hand with the above-mentioned point, the right encryption procedures are your first line of defense for deterring hackers. All data should be protected behind a Firewall, and incoming and outgoing messages should be encrypted at the individual level.

Take inventory.

Examine your network to determine if there are any existing malware already present. Next, experts recommend joining a group such as Cyber Threat Alliance to stay abreast on current cyber threats.

Security as service applications.

Service as security applications needs to be considered too. These are generally software products. They help to batten down the data hatches when it comes to monitoring the flow of data through mobile devices. However, they also keep watch on the information passed through office printers, an office tool not usually associated with data theft suggests Small Business Trends.

Utilize the cloud.

Protect your confidential data by storing it in multiple locations to prevent ransomware. This critical practice, often implemented by large corporations, can give your small business the added security it needs.

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