Best Practices for Professional Social Media Posting

Social media has the power to bring people together and to help businesses promote their names and reputation. In the last 15 years, the benefits of using social media have helped to enhance networking abilities for individual professionals and businesses alike. It’s free to use and a modern, fun, and interactive way to engage with others.

Social media has the ability to businesses up or cause some controversy with some avoidable mistakes. In the event that reputation may be on the line due to an online presence, looking into local liability coverage, like Carmel professional liability insurance, can help keep things above board. But in today’s fast-moving, highly-connected world, it is essential to use social media to create branding and stay engaged with trends and insights.

Here’s a look at some solid best practices for social media use by companies looking to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Choose the Best Networks

Companies can see where their social media visitors spend their time. From Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to Pinterest, the platforms are out there to help enhance exposure. But instead of casting a wide net and stretching things too thin, there should be a targeted and focused approach to reaching an audience. Each network offers something unique to its platform, meaning different interaction with visitors.

Spend some time thinking about which platforms are the best for the messaging you want to get across. One site may have better results based on what your goals are.

2. Be Consistent

It never helps any business to lag when it comes to posting. Nothing is worse for a curious visitor than seeing that the last social post on Facebook or Twitter was from six months ago. In this day something like that will only fuel the idea that your business is closed.

Make sure to have a calendar or strategy when it comes to posting. Publishing occasionally is fine, and beating people over the head with aggressive posting might be overkill. But there still needs to be a system in place for consistent posting across all channels used.

3. Choose Quality Over Quantity

While it is important to keep the posts coming in, a bombardment of bad posts just to seem like you’re engaged socially will lose followers fast. No one wants to get notifications of terrible social posts over and over. Whether it’s Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, the goal should be to gain positive exposure and an avid following, and in turn develop a loyal base of business.

Many small companies or those without a plan of attack tend to go overboard with their posting and end up losing the interest of others. Plus, people on the inside who are posting may get burnt out or uninspired. Listen to your followers and see what they’re talking about, concerned with, or what they want to hear from you. This will increase value in posts and followers.

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