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In this series of posts, we’ve covered the basics for preventing crime in your small business. Educating your employees on how to spot and report crime is a big step, followed by being tidy and organized. Finally, we’re going to cover how establishing partnerships with local police can minimize crime and create a clear focus for the safety of the business and the community. In this final installment, we’ll dive deeper into how your small business can develop a working relationship with local authorities. Next, protect your operation with an Indianapolis Crime Insurance policy.

Types of partnerships.

Partnerships between police and business can take a variety of forms. In the simplest form, an individual business works with police to address a specific problem faced by that business. In this type of partnership, police can provide guidance on security systems, target-hardening, robbery prevention, and the like. Such partnerships can take three different forms: area-specific, business-specific, and issue-specific, explains Pop Center, a center for problem-oriented policing. Depending on industry, location and issue, there are various types of partnerships available.


Depending on the location of your business, it may be wise to partner with police to ensure the safety of your store year-round. For example, businesses located in downtown, shopping centers, and business districts might be more prone to crime targeting. Talk with your local police department to determine your risk level and how you can partner with them to minimize your exposures.


Partnerships with law enforcement for business specific crimes ranges depending on industry. For example, banks and convenience stores face more risks of robbery than other industries, which makes initiatives more prevalent and important. If you notice your business is at risk for certain types of crime, especially during the holiday season, now is the time to get in touch with local authorities to establish a clear objective to protect your operation.


Issue-specific partnerships focus on a certain type of crime or a particular situation, most commonly a public order problem that has reached the point where intervention is needed. This form of partnership need not last once the specific problem is solved. Because they may be short-lived, such partnerships may not need to be formal or institutionalized.

This could be anything from public drinking to break-ins and violence. Depending on the severity of the issue, the partnership can vary from temporary to permanent.


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