Don’t Become Another Statistic: Preventing Cyber Attacks

In this series of posts, we’ve covered some key components that professional service businesses need to identify risks, respond to cyber-attacks, and how to achieve comprehensive coverage. In this final installment, we’ll explore the best ways to mitigate an attack before it even happens. Your first line of defense should you experience a breach is to equip your business with an Indianapolis Cyber Liability Insurance policy.

Analyze your risk.

Protecting your networks and computer systems starts with monitoring their security. Businesses can ensure their security is relevant by updating software regularly and utilizing tools to assess the computers daily to monitor for potential hacks.

Create a written cyber protection plan.

Create a written plan for all employees to abide by. This should include:

  • Proper web surfing, social media and email conduct.
  • Identifying suspicious emails.
  • An explanation of how the company will protect client and sensitive data.
  • Rules for identifying and reporting issues.
  • A component in the policy that details the reporting and other requirements of the states in question and the state agencies to which breaches are to be reported. Some states require firms to be compliant with the state’s privacy laws if the firm has the privacy data of a resident in that state.

Staff training.

In addition to creating a written cyber security plan, ongoing staff training can prevent these attacks. Shed light on how to identify phishing, suspicious emails, social engineering and more. The more information your employees are equipped with, the better positioned they are to help protect your operation.

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