How Should Your Law Firm Approach Social Media?

In today’s digital society, it’s almost unheard of for someone to forego social media. As these platforms have become increasingly popular and can help to connect people with businesses, more and more companies have decided to create business pages, and lawyers are no exception. However, social media pages present additional risks for lawyers. The cautious and conservative nature of lawyers and their respective law firms can make for a challenging social media policy, but disengagement is not the answer. As we explore how this issue can be tackled, ensure your operation is backed by an Indianapolis Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance policy.

According to the American Bar Association, all firms should develop a social media policy that encourages the use of these new and emerging tools in innovative ways. Get input from all stakeholders and participants by establishing a committee of your rainmaking lawyers, senior managers, IT experts, marketers, and members of Gen Y to devise your specific firm strategy.

While entry level lawyers fresh out of law school might have a lot to learn in the field, their expertise and familiarity with social media should be put to good use. Ask them for feedback about what types of pages they follow, what type of content they wish to see, and what they would engage with.

Your law firm wants to curb liability and risk, but that doesn’t mean you have to create a rigid social media policy that dictates who, what, where and when lawyers can engage in social media usage. Think about the type of law your firm specializes and work around those particular set of ethics.

Be sure to include what type of information can be shared online by your lawyers. Remind them that their professionalism and communication on these platforms reflects on your firm. Try implementing a more permissive stance on Twitter, but create strict guidelines where clients can or will be involved. Bottom line: if your team wouldn’t want clients to see it, don’t post it.

Next, consider the brand of your law firm. Marketing staff members can offer significant value by training lawyers about effective communication skills, including how to avoid jargon and how to frame issues from client perspectives. But it’s best to prevent your marketers from policing the social networks, explains the article.

Ideally, it’s best to find a balance that will allow the speed and spontaneity of the sites to be highlighted while still having trust in your lawyers to post ethical content.

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