Preventing Small Business Crime: Tidiness and Prevention

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In this series of posts, we’ve covered how small business owners can prevent internal and external crime, vandalism and more. While an Indianapolis Crime Insurance policy can protect your bottom line and provide peace of mind, there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure your security. First, educate your employees on how to identify and prevent crime. Next, prepare your store in every way that will deter would-be criminals.

Keeping it clean.

It’s easy for a thief to steal merchandise in an unruly store. It’s important for employees to maintain the appearance of the store throughout the day, tidy up when they have downtime, and keep an eye on customers within the store. Inventory should be carefully monitored to ensure nothing goes missing – especially during the upcoming holiday season when you’re bound to get a huge order.


Apart from keeping your store looking beautiful and organized, proactive steps are still the best way to deter theft in the first place.

Other precautions to ask if you’re implementing are as follows, according to Kimmel Loss Prevention:

  • Do you have exterior and interior lighting that allows visibility into the store from the street?
  • Do you have an emergency alarm system that works?
  • Do you have a buddy system signal with a neighboring store in case suspicious persons enter?
  • Do you keep seldom used doors and windows locked at all times?
  • Do you use mirrors, cameras, or one way glass to observe all areas of the store?
  • Do you arrange your stock to allow clear visibility in the store?
  • Do you keep the store well-lit in all areas?
  • Do you keep aisles clear of debris and keep shelves low?
  • Do you keep only small amounts on hand and advertise this fact?

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