Reducing Workplace Stress for D&O’s

Directors and Officers (D&O’s) are often faced with tough decisions for their respective businesses. While a Carmel Directors & Officers Liability program can help mitigate damages from claims, it’s important to understand how to reduce workplace stress since it’s a common cause for negligence by professionals. Here are some ways to reduce that risk.

Have a Plan

Arriving at work with a mental blueprint of what needs to be accomplished can significantly reduce stress. Each task can be broken down into manageable portions and completed throughout the day. This way, you’ll feel more productive and are less likely to be overcome by stress.

Mindful Meditation

Psychiatry Journal conducted a study on people who meditated for at least 30 minutes over a span of 8 weeks and researchers detected measurable changes in the brain’s amygdala, indicating the subjects had reduced stress and anxiety. Meditation not only reduces stress, but it also fosters more thoughtful, less hasty decision-making.

Avoid Pessimism

While daily drama from colleagues isn’t always avoidable, it’s imperative to drown out the pessimism that is attached with such gossip. Steer clear of negative conversations and people.

Identify the Source

Determine where the root source of the stress is derived from. It’s almost impossible to alleviate stress from a vague sense of anxiety. Find the source and work to solve those specific concerns each day.

Take a Walk

Get outside of your office and enjoy lunch outside, take a break with coworkers, or even take a walk. This will help to clear your mind and renew your sense of focus.

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