How Lawyers can Reduce Workplace Stress

Even the most polished professionals aren’t perfect, that’s why Indianapolis Directors and Officers Liability insurance is essential. You’ve got to protect your business from potential claims resulting from alleged negligence. It’s also wise to take steps to prevent negligence by alleviating workplace stress. After all, the more stressed and anxious you are, the more likely you are to make mistakes. Here are a few tips for how lawyers can reduce workplace stress.

Know your options. Many lawyers face high-stakes, high-pressure situations every day. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take advantage of the resources available to you. Interns, outside counsel, technology … you do have options. The most successful professionals aren’t afraid to reach out for assistance.

Don’t participate in negative gossip. Contrary to popular belief, not all workplace gossip is bad. One study published in the journal ScienceDirect notes that superficial gossip can be a harmless way to decompress in a stressful environment and can even enhance trust and support amongst coworkers. Negative gossip, on the other hand, hinders productivity, lowers morale, and exacerbates burnout, stress, and anxiety.

Organize your surroundings and your schedule. If you approach each day with a tidy, organized desk and a clear mental plan about what you need to accomplish and how you’ll accomplish it, you’ll feel more relaxed. Take time to put pen to paper and create a to-do list. This will help you focus and remind you of details you may forget if not written down. Each time you’re able to cross an item off your list, you’ll feel lighter and less weighed down with stress.

Get your vitamin D daily! Not in pill form, but from feeling the sun on your face. Especially when the weather is good, step outside each day. Fresh air and a change of scenery does wonders to relieve stress. Take a quick walk, enjoy lunch on the patio, or have a conversation with a coworker outside on a park bench. You’ll probably return to the office refreshed and energized.

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